Our Mission

StemWarriorHacks is an international, student-run, 501(c)(3) non-profit hackathon aiming to inspire young innovators and thinkers to pursue a career in the field of programming and open their eyes to the depths, diversity, and power of computer science. We hope that these students will be able to explore a wide-range of coding topics when creating their projects, interacting in our workshops, or attending our speaker events, and will be filled with a sense of deep wonder, pride, and curiosity for the discoveries and achievements they will acquire.


Beginner Hack

A beginner to Hackathons, or/and coding? No problem! This track specifically targets beginners who made a valiant effort.

Most Creative Hack

Even if your project isn't the best, if it's the most innovative, then there will surely be a prize for you!

Solo Hack

Are you a lone wolf! Don't worry, you still have a chance!

Best Hack

All projects are naturally submitted for this. May the the best hack win!


4:00 PM

Opening Ceremony

6:00 PM

Game Night

8:00 PM

End of Day 1

Our Team

Saaketh Shanbhogue · he/him

Lead Organizer

Mudit Marawaha · he/him

Outreach Lead

Giridhar Talla · he/him

Technical Lead

Jennifer Chiou · she/her

Sponsorship Manager

Sarah Dufays · she/her

Sponsorship Manager

Kirtirajsinh Parmar · he/him

Technical Assistant


What am I supposed to do in this hackathon?+

Who can attend?+

What is unique about this event?+

What if I don't know any code?+

Is this online?+

How about time-zone issues, and communicating with teammates across the world?+

What's the cost?+

I want to register!+

I have more questions!?+