August 6th - August 8th

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Our Mission

StemWarriorHacks is an international, student-run, 501(c)(3) non-profit hackathon aiming to inspire young innovators and thinkers to pursue a career in the field of programming and open their eyes to the depths, diversity, and power of computer science. We hope that these students will be able to explore a wide-range of coding topics when creating their projects, interacting in our workshops, or attending our speaker events, and will be filled with a sense of deep wonder, pride, and curiosity for the discoveries and achievements they will acquire.

Our Tracks

Our tracks are a way to motivate people to use their knowledge in the best way possible. There are multiple categories that you apply to, but in the end, you may only win at one!

Beginner Hack

A beginner to Hackathons, or/and coding? No problem! This track specifically targets beginners who made a valiant effort.

Most Creative Hack

Even if your project isn't the best, if it's the most innovative, then there will surely be a prize for you!

Solo Hack

A lone wolf! Don't worry, you still have a chance!

Best Hack (There will be 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd for this)

All projects are naturally submitted for this. May the the best hack win!


Finding your InnerWarrior!

Beginning of Day 1

Opening Ceremony

Game Night

End of Day 1


Sponsors (More Coming Soon)

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What am I supposed to do in this hackathon?

You can attend the free workshops we provide, and you can also start making your project which you can submit to some of the several tracks we have available!

Who can attend?

The minimum age requirement is 13. Anybody above can attend, however we would highly encourage high-schooler to try and sign up for this event.

What is unique about this event?

We have expected many scenarios, and have tried our best to deal with each one. The StemWarriorHacks will be a unique experience for you, and you can expect to have a fun time!

What if I don't know any code?

No problem! We have several workshops that you can attend to learn the fundamentals of different languages. We will always provide assistance if you need help with your projects.

Is this online?

To make this a learning opportunity for everyone this event had been made online. Anyone can attend, and from anywhere.

How about time-zone issues, and communicating with teammates across the world?

Since this is an international event, we expected to revceive people from around the world. Our InterHackBot has been setup to make it a much smoother experience. You can make an ID where it states if you want to work with someone from a different timezone. Also, if you do, there is the time-zone feature you can use to check what time to set-up meetings. We also have a translation feature that can help you communicate with talented developers from across the world!

What's the cost?

Absolutely none. We want to be able to have a communtiy where people can learn, and experiment with others from around the world for free.

I want to register!

Great, you can sign up through our devpost, and later join our discord to hear more updates, find teammates, and ask us any questios!

I have more questions!?

Great. You can always ask in our official communication platform (Discord): Or you can contact us at:

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